Dry Shampoo (Refinery 29 Feature)

One of the questions I get asked ALL the time is about which dry shampoo is best. There are so many different kinds out there, that it can be kind of daunting when you’re standing at the drugstore trying to make your choice.

I teamed up with Refinery29 to test drive TONS of dry shampoos to find out which one is best. Check out the video below!

From Refinery29:

One of the most practical hair products available today, dry shampoo transforms flat or dirty strands from dull and lifeless to fresh and volumized — no water needed. But, of course, you already knew that. How do we know? Because dry shampoo has exploded into the beauty scene over the past few years with countless options hitting shelves at every price point imaginable.
The only downside? Almost every drugstore brand has concocted its own formula, which makes it hard to know which not-so-expensive dry shampoos actually work. (That is, unless you want to test ’em out in the pharmacy and risk getting escorted out by security.)
Fret not, shower-avoiding friends, because we tapped A-list celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook to test dozens of under-$10 dry shampoos with her tried-and-true technique.
Think: An arm test, smell test, and moisture test, before a formula even makes its way onto a head of hair. Spoiler alert: She uncovered some outstanding formulas that get rid of grease and oil from roots while leaving stands revived and smelling fresh.

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Cream Soda Hair

Sunnie Brook

 Fall’s Hottest Hair Color

This fall’s hottest hair color is  Cream Soda !  This color is so flattering, and looks great with any skin type. Check out what Refinery29 + Allure magazine had to say about it below.
L.A. hairstylist Sunnie Brook, who works with celebs like Elisabeth Moss and Hailey Baldwin, turned us on to the trend. The shade is something Brook describes as “golden cream soda color,” which offers a more neutral take on the warm blonde trend — and references ’70s supermodels like Cheryl Tiegs.
“It’s warm, rich and can be adapted for blondes or brunettes,” she tells Refinery29. But there’s more: This versatile shade “also creates a sort of glow around the face,” the colorist says.
The key to achieving true cream soda coolness lies in the in-between — it’s not too frosty, not too deep, making it a perfect transitional shade for brunettes looking to lighten up without a shock of sharp-color contrast. “This has beige brown and warm gold tones in it,” Brook explains. “The lighter accents give it a creamy good tone but the lowlights of a translucent (versus pigmented brown) ground the color.”

Let’s be real here: Would it really feel like the start of a new season if there wasn’t a new hair color trend with a whimsical name tied to it swirling around the web? Because I personally think not.

This year, like clockwork, we bring you the chosen hue for fall 2017: “Cream soda.” Refinery29 talked to Los Angeles-based hairstylist, Sunnie Brook, who confirmed it’s the color all of her clients are asking for this season. (For the record, her roster includes the likes of Hailey Baldwin, America Ferrera, and Claire Holt, to name a few.)

Straddling the line between brunette and blonde (albeit more so the latter), Brook describes the shade as having “beige brown and warm gold tones to it,” and says the hue can be easily adapted for both blondes or brunettes. Part of what makes it such an appealing shade is its face-brightening effect from the golden highlights, which impart that natural “lit-from-within” look everyone and their mother covets. And because you’re not aiming for an all-over blonde with this color, you’re bypassing much of the damage caused from bleaching your hair.

So there you have it, folks: Pumpkin spice may have been last year’s hair color beat, but there’s no denying cream soda is taking over — and I even have the ‘grams to prove it. (Other colorists have been painting their client’s strands shades of cream soda, too.) Peep the looks below and tell me it doesn’t make you want to make a color appointment, ASAP.


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Super Model Waves Tutorial

I loved doing this Super Model Waves tutorial with Sephora + Mane Addicts.
Here’s the step-by-step:

Products :

 IGK: Call Time Styling Primer

Reverie: Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment

Bumble and bumble: Thickening Full Form Mousse

dyson: Supersonic Hair Dryer

ghd: Curve 1″ Classic Curl Iron

ghd: Classic 1″ Inch Styler

Bumble and bumble: Thickening Dryspun Finish


  1. Start with clean hair.
  2. Wet your hair down to prep it for product.
  3. Section you hair.
  4. Apply the IGK primer to prep your hair.
  5. Apply the Reverie Anti-Frizz treatment to protect it from frizz and hair.
  6. Apply the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Mousse.
  7. Really apply product to the roots- it’s key to creating this look.
  8. Flip your hair upside dow and use the dyson hairdryer to blow dry your hair dry.
  9. Once it’s dry re-section your hair.
  10. Brush out all the tangles.
  11. Use your 1-inch iron to wrap your hair horizontally from your head.
  12.  Clip your curls to your head to let them set longer.
  13. Let all the waves cool before brushing/shaking them out.
  14. Cool your hair down with your dyson dryer.
  15. Unclip the curls + brush through your hair.
  16. Use Bumble and Bumble Dryspun to finish your Super Model Waves look!

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Longevity Book (Interview Feature)

Let’s be real. I swear as I’m typing this I just found a random hair strand on my keyboard. How thoughtful of this little stray sucker to give me such a nice lead-in for this story, and yet “a big no thanks” for encroaching on any space that’s not the top of my head.

So here comes the age-old question—what’s normal hair loss and what’s not? And why does it seem like we are all collectively noticing an inordinate amount of loose strands these days?

Well, instead of hosting another small pity party over more uninvited strands on our hairbrush, we started a dialogue with a celebrity beauty pro to help put hair woes to rest—and motivate us all to educate ourselves and take action when it comes to our scalp

Today we stop sprouting additional grey hairs worrying about what could be natural shedding and get real with important hair facts we all should know. Read on while I chat with trusted hair guru, Sunnie Brook, to get the low down on hair fall out and how to fortify those strands!


SUNNIE BROOK: Internally it can health, diet, hormone or stress related issues. Externally, it can be caused by blow dryers and irons that don’t protect your hair from heat. Over processed hair that has been bleached and colored continually can also become damaged and lead to loss.


SB: Hair loss caused by health issues is of the most concern, because sometimes there is nothing you can do. But for the most part, taking a hair supplement or being educated on the right haircare products and tools can over time lead to having healthy hair that is strong and full bodied.


SB: You loose about about 50-100 strands per day which is normal. If you haven’t washed your hair for a couple of days and feel like when you do there is a lot of hair, that could just be because it has accumulated from the past few days. The time to be concerned is if you are seeing more of your scalp, especially in specific areas on your head, then previously before or during the styling process you are able to pull on your hair easily and it breaks or falls out in clumps (of 15 hairs or more).


SB: The first step to having healthy hair is having a healthy scalp. Making sure you take care of that part of your beauty routine is really important. I think people forget that the skin on your head is just as important as the skin on your face. I recommend the Head & Shoulder line of shampoo and conditioners to my clients (especially if they are concerned about loss) to use on a regular basis. It is like an insurance for their scalp and it also keeps hair from having product buildup which can cause you to over style your hair. For the mid shaft to ends I suggest doing a weekly hair mask. Apply it on your hair dry before you hit the shower so it absorbs more of the product. I use Leonor Greyl’s hair masks and Christophe Robin’s prickly pear mask. On the daily, if you tend to have dry hair and its brittle from heat or color damage, use Reverie Milk anti frizz serum. It’s mostly essential oils in a cream form that works for all hair types and nourishes your strands over time without making it greasy or leading to yellowing your blonde like some serums or oils do.

the longevity book

SB: Stress less and find ways to be more zen in your life and beauty routine! Your hair and your nails are an outgrowth of what is happening inside. Most men and women don’t know that every 7 years your skin and hair goes thru a change too so you will need to adjust your styling routine depending on what changes you are seeing.

If you are trying to grow your hair out, give your hot tools a break and opt for a sleek chignon, or braid with a little leave in conditioner or mask on the ends. If you are someone who loves getting their hair colored, try and just do the roots instead of applying the hair color all over. It will help your ends to not have repeated application which can lead to brittle ends that break easily.

Another trick is to brush your hair with a nice boar brush before you get in the shower. When your hair is wet it stretches more and can lead to more breakage. Also your drain won’t get so clogged from those normal loss strands.


SB: Biotin and fish oil are great additions to your diet that can help the condition of your scalp and your hair.


SB: I encourage my clients to brush their hair with a boar brush. I love the large gold handled ones from Ibiza – so pretty and you will have them for a lifetime. Try brushing your hair before you get in the shower to avoid breakage to wet hair. How often you brush your hair depends on your hair type. If you have fine thin hair, then less is better as it is fragile. If you have thick coarse-curly hair, you might just want to use a wide tooth comb to get the knots out and do a real thorough brush once a week when you apply your hair mask. On average I would say 2-3 times a week. The key is to start with the tangles at the bottom and work your way up the strand so it leads to less breakage.

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Supermodel Waves (Sephora Feature)


I had the pleasure of working with two of my favorite beauty companies, Sephora + Mane Addicts to create this tutorial video for you.

If you follow me at all, you know that I LOVE big, luxurious waves. I live for that volume! So I wanted to show you how to get gorgeous Supermodel WAVES that last all night long.



  1. Start with clean hair.
  2. Wet your hair to prep it with product (or towel-dried hair)
  3. Section your hair + comb out tangles.
  4. Apply your primer.
  5. Apply anti-frizz treatment.
  6. Apply thickening mousse.
  7. Repeat to all sections
  8. Use your hairdryer on a high-heat setting and blow-dry your hair upside down.
  9. Resection your hair.
  10. Use your curling iron, and start curling the bottom section using my wrapping technique.
  11. Make sure you let your hair cool before brushing out.
  12. Once everything is curled, apply hairspray.
  13. Let cool or use your hairdryer’s cool setting to set.
  14. Brush out.
  15. You can use the flat-iron to design the style to your liking.
  16. Use your finishing spray to add even more volume.



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Beauty Undressed

Beauty Undressed

I’m excited to introduce a new series I have been working on called Beauty Undressed.

It’s a new YouTube channel that will be exploring the Art + Business of Beauty. It will include educational videos + tutorials, interviews, and articles from Industry professionals.

The big difference between this new channel + my personal YouTube channel will definitely be the quality of content, especially pertaining to the tutorials. You’ll find salon-training quality style videos that really teach you the tricks of the trade.

Most of these videos will be available to rent for $1.99. This allows me to keep creating relevant + interesting content for you.

To launch this channel we have three basic hair how-tos: Red Carpet Waves, Big Blowout, and Undone Waves. These tutorials are designed for the new hairdresser or makeup artist looking to learn foundational looks for editorial and celebrity work.

Check out the trailers below, and subscribe to my new Beauty Undressed Channel.

Thank YOU so much for your support! If there are any specific how to’s or industry content you would love to see please comment on my channel.

Undone Waves Trailer

Watch the full video here.

Red Carpet Waves Trailer

Watch the full video here.

Big Blowout

Watch the full video here.

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Flawless Foundation

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

Flawless Foundation

When airbrushes first started hitting the scene a couple of years ago, they came about in the form of these large, clunky and EXPENSIVE machines that looked like more trouble than they were worth. They definitely could create some cool looks, but they just seemed so…inefficient. I wrote them off as something reserved for special fx makeup artists, and forgot about them.

Cue to a couple of years later, and BOOM. It seems like every great makeup artist has an airbrush machine, and these new and improved models aren’t just smaller and easier to use, but the every-day looks you can create using them are FLAWLESS.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when Luminess Air reached out to me to try their airbrush makeup system.

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

Look at how small it is. AND SO easy to use. I fell in love instantly. This system makes applying your foundation easy as 1-2-3.

Although it’s easy to use, there’s a couple of things to remember when using the Luminess Air Airbrush System.

    1. Color test before you apply- swipe the foundations on your skin to see which color is best for you. (I created my own color cocktail by mixing colors)
    2. Spray in the following order: primer, blush, foundation. This will make your blush look like it’s coming from within!
    3. This makeup lasts all day (and gives a great light, velvety finish), BUT that means you have to take extra care at night when removing it. Make sure you use a great makeup remover to help remove any traces.

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

The lovely people at Luminess Air are offering a 20% discount to my readers. Just click on this link + use the discount code Sunnie25.  This is a great investment for professional makeup artists + novices alike. Up your makeup game!


Have you used a airbrush system for foundation before? Which one is your favorite?




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My Hair Color Date with Chad Kenyon


Hair Color Date with Chad Kenyon

The number one question I get on my blog, YouTube, and instagram is about my haircolor. So when I got the chance to have Chad Kenyon give me his signature “Angel Lights”,  I wanted to share the process with you. Check out the video to see the process from beginning to end, and learn some of Chad’s tips for using a clay based lightener to balayage  below!

Balayage Formula :  

Solaris Clay-Based Lightener from Eugene Perma
Paris mixed with 40 volume developer and 1.875ml Olaplex N°1
Gloss REDKEN ShadesEQ 30ml 9P + 10ml + 2ml 6n + 42ml Shades EQ Processing Solution (Mix well + add 1.875ml Olaplex N°1)

Balayaging Sunnie’s Hair

By Chad Kenyon

Sunnie had a haircut prior to our Balayage service. This is ideal because good balayage accentuates a good haircut and vice versa.  I took 3 sections- one in the back from ear to ear, and two in the front using Sunnie’s natural part.

Sunnie wanted to maintain some depth within her hair color, but wanted to  move towards a more glamorous, blonde look and away from the “beauty blonde” vibe she had previously.

*It is important to note that I ALWAYS create hair color in collaboration with my clients and in many cases in conjunction with an actress, director or model’s photographer.  I am an artist (never a diva) and I LOVE my work so LISTENING is essential in delivering a precise aesthetic. 

It is essential for me to always rinse the hair as soon as it is at the desired level of lightness. Waiting longer could result in over-processed hair and I will never allow that.  I rinse each desired area and immediately add Olaplex N°2, as an Olaplex Mini-Treatment. I do this as I proceed, until all of the lightened areas are lightened to their desired shade and Olaplex mini-treated.

Next I rinse all of the Olaplex N°2 and apply the gloss.  I always watch the gloss closely and rarely, if ever, set a timer.  I send all of my clients home with Olaplex N°3.

*IMPORTANT TIP • Olaplex is added to all color/gloss/lightener formulas after the developer and product are initially mixed. Once Olaplex N°1 is added and mixed in, you may add more developer or lightener/color/gloss to adjust the consistency.

*OLAPLEX InsightOlaplex N°1 is added to every single formula to mitigate any damage that would occur during a chemical process by relinking broken disulfide bonds. Olaplex N°2 is added to hair after all of the chemical processes are finished and after hair is rinsed and towel-dried. This is your opportunity to have Olaplex’s patented rebuilding chemistry the hair by itself. 


Want to book a color session with Chad?
LA BOOKING Salon Benjamin (424) 249-3296
NY BOOKING: Melville Pipino (212) 775-7223
eConsultstions :


Have you ever colored your hair? What’s your dream hair color?

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Dry Shampoo Feature on Pretty Girl

Read original article here.

 7 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Dry Shampoo


Dry Shampoo

Getty Images

Looking for a way to add volume to your curls? Dry shampoo is your answer. “A more practical use is to spray dry shampoo throughout dry curled hair or hair that has that beach wave style to give it a much more voluminous feel, as well as helping your style last longer,” says Colton. Our favorite volume-enhancing dry shampoo is Amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo. Its lightweight formula instantly adds both volume and texture to your hair.

It doesn’t eliminate odor

Getty Images

We hate to break it to you, but one thing that people need to stop believing is that dry shampoo masks odor. “I think that some people rely on dry shampoo too often!” says Colton. “At some point, they just need to wash their hair, as dry shampoo doesn’t absorb the odor from dirty hair.” Living Proof PhD Dry Shampoo neutralizes odors, and even has a built-in time-release fragrance that lasts a long time.


Getty Images

When you clients include it girls Alexa Chung and Natasha Lyonne, you definitely have a couple of time-saving tricks up your sleeve. Honey hairstylist Wesley O’Meara brilliantly uses dry shampoo to help his patients whose colored hair may be fading. “Colored dry shampoos work to fill in spots that seem to be on the finer side, and it’s also great for in-between trips to the salon,” says O’Meara. There are a lot of different colored dry shampoos, but we can’t get enough of Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Natural Tint. It’s made with ingredients that are gentle on your hair, but it still gives your roots a nice color.

It comes in different forms


Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo doesn’t just come in a spray form—it comes as a powder as well. “Hair powder is really great if added to hair wax to give it more of a matte texture versus having a gloss finish,” says O’Meara. We recommend One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder. It’s made with root-lifting rice starch and bamboo extract.

It doubles as an antiperspirant

Dry Shampoo


We’re not kidding about this one. Stylist Sunnie Brook—who’s worked with Carly Rae Jepsen and Abigail Spencer—has used dry shampoo as an antiperspirant. “I’ve used dry shampoo to soak up oil/greasy spots on a shirt and as an antiperspirant for one of my clients on a hot day on set,” she says. “I’ve also read that if your hands get slippery in yoga to spray some dry shampoo to add more grip.” The DryBar’s Detox Dry Shampoo absorbs oil from your scalp and does the same when applied to your skin. Plus, it smells insanely good.

It’s not a daily-use product


Getty Images

Many people believe that dry shampoos are okay to use on a daily basis, but that’s far from the truth. “Dry shampoo really dehydrates your hair and can cause your scalp to be sensitive and your hair to become brittle, which leads to breakage,” says Sunnie Brook.

It’s a powdered-wig creator



Honey hairstylist, Tyler Colton, who works with Charlize Theron and Avril Lavigne, says he once used dry shampoo to create the perfect powdered wig (future Halloween idea anyone?). “I created a Victorian hairstyle, then sprayed dry shampoo, giving it that white powder effect,” he says.

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The Exchange: Sunnie Brook x Roy Alpert

The Exchange: Sunnie Brook x Roy Alpert

Read original article here.


By Hana Beach

Photos: Sarah Kjelleren

To discover what it takes to succeed in the city that never sleeps, Amuse is collaborating with Kit and Ace to bring you eight inspiring conversations between some of New York’s coolest people. Here, hotelier Roy Alpert and beauty expert Sunnie Brook discuss finding balance while travelling and the magical powers of hot water and lemon.

The lives of a hip hotelier and a celebrity stylist seem equally glamorous, but after talking to Roy Alpert and Sunnie Brook, we’ve learned that both their careers are pretty hectic: Roy spending half the year away from Manhattan and Sunnie running from salon cuts to photoshoots. Consistency and structure are necessary if they want to be successful on-the-go, and here the pair reveal how they remain active, recharged, and calm while constantly on the move. Amuse sat down with the duo to chat about entrepreneurialism, discipline and how jump ropes and apple cider vinegar keep them living balanced lives.



What’s your average day like?

Sunnie: The only thing that’s constant is that I drink coffee every morning. I’m usually running around, carrying a suitcase full of tricks. I’m either meeting my celebrity clients in their hotel rooms to get them ready for the red carpet, creating for my beauty blog, in a remote place or on set shooting a campaign or editorial.

Roy: I have a pretty similar day whether I’m in New York or travelling. I generally wake up around 8am and try to exercise. I definitely try to not look at my phone or email until I am in my office. I find it distracting and you lose control of your day if you wake up responding to people instead of prioritising what you want to accomplish. I spend half of my time in the New York office and half my time at the properties. After work, I try and stay active. I’m part of a basketball league and a meditation club. I have dinner with friends or family as much as possible. My one brother lives in New York, actually down the street from me, so we have dinner twice a week. My other brother and my parents are in LA so we try and eat together at least once a week.



How do you maintain that schedule while travelling?

Sunnie: I try to have certain rituals that make me feel at home. I love taking a bath or drinking wine. It gives me time and space to process and recharge. I think working out is important too. It gets me in touch with my body, it turns my brain off and helps me relax. Also, just enjoying a healthy meal with friends or going to the beach or hiking. It’s important to find those little moments of pleasure.

Roy: When you’re travelling, being healthy is more challenging than it should be. One of the things I do is to try to break a sweat every day, so I pack a jump rope. I try to make sure that I’m not sitting for a long period, so I’ll take meetings and go on a walk with whomever I am meeting with. They usually think it’s pretty weird, but I need to keep it moving.

Sunnie: Plain oatmeal, without all the sugar in it, is supposed to help with anxiety or calming nerves. I also really love apple cider vinegar with some sparkling water and lemon or lime. That’s really good at balancing your pH, gives you energy and restarts your diet too. It helps after flying, when you feel dehydrated and out of balance.


What advice would you give someone thinking of starting their own business?

Sunnie: Figure out if you are an entrepreneur. Find what is driving you and find someone that is doing what you are passionate about. Ask them to mentor you, because they will help you perceive any sort of struggles and really guide you through the process. When you look at statistics, most businesses fail, so do your research. Make a business plan and gather a strong team around you.

Roy: Get a job first and work for someone for a few years. Get solid experience and understand what you want to do. Find mentors before you go out on your own. Our generation is privileged in the sense that we get to pick and choose what we are passionate about, but I do feel like some people find they want to be an entrepreneur before they have had the experience to do what they are setting out to do. Getting job experience is really important.

How do you both use social media to connect with your audiences?

Sunnie: I believe that you make your business one customer at a time. I think Carnegie has a great book where he says that the best way to gain a customer is to make them feel important. I think that social media has become a tool for doing that. It allows me to connect with people who I would never have come across in my normal life. It’s also a way to do the two things that first got me started in my career and continue to drive me: being creative and helping people. It broadens the audience that we can connect to. YouTube is an amazing platform that allows us to connect visually with people, but it takes a lot of time and strategy.

Roy: Social media for our business is more about creating experiences and sharing them with people. If they see our content, they might want to stay there or go hang out there. We create a lot of content and video around that.


How do you balance between discipline and enjoyment in your lives?

Sunnie: I feel grateful that I get to do what I love for a living. I get to be with creative, talented people all day. I tend to work really hard non-stop, but I have good friends around me that hold me accountable and remind me that it’s important to have fun. My mom always reminds me that there are things in life that are more valuable than money. I always think about telling my grandkids my life story. I don’t want to only talk about my achievements. I want to tell a whole story of a well–lived life.

Roy: For me, discipline is what creates enjoyment. I have a rule in my head that I have to earn something. I won’t just go out drinking on a random Tuesday. That is something that I have to earn somehow. I think you can definitely enjoy life and live in the moment, but I like to have rules that allow me to enjoy myself. I think if you are just hanging out at the beach all day, you don’t appreciate it as much as you would if you worked for it.


What’s up next for you guys?

Sunnie: My next project is an online education program for industry professionals who are looking to work in the freelance business. It’s to educate, empower and inspire beauty professionals.

Roy: We are opening the Freehand in downtown LA in a few months. I am from LA so I’m very excited about that project.

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Fun Buns for Your Hair


Fun Buns for Your Hair

With the weather heating up, there’s nothing better than getting your hair up and away from your sweaty skin. There’s always the go-to ponytail, but personally I love getting a little more creative.

Last year, I did a little feature for Cosmo on the Double Bubble, and since then it’s become a full-on trend. At Coachella, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry and other celebs were rocking their versions of the Double Bubble all over the place.

Check out my how-to on creating the Double Bubble here:


I also wanted to find some other cute, fun-bun hair styles, and here’s what I found:



I love this three-bun version of the Double Bubble.  You just start by sectioning the very top of your hair, then the middle, and then the lower back. This is a great style if you want something a little more edgy.




This is like the bun version of pig-tails. You can either way them high, or low. This look is super versatile and works for long or short hair.



This hairstyle combines two of my favorites- the boxer braid and the messy top bun!


And finally, we have the half bun!  This looks so chic, and nonchalant. Great for those days when you just don’t feel like doing much to your hair.


For more updo inspiration check out my Updo Pinterest Board.


Would you wear your hair in any of these fun buns?

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Paris Travel Diary


Pants – Amo, Sunglasses-Mui Mui, Body Suit – American Apparel, Sweatshirt -Shop Private Party

Paris. One of my favorite places in the world to spend my time. The history and architecture encourage endless amounts of  inspiration and if the streets could tell stories?! Oh my, many a dreams have been made in this city and many hearts have fallen in love.



At the top of  Pompidou Museum is a gorgeous panoramic restaurant called Le Georges, designed by architects Jakob + Mac Farlane. It’s my favorite place to drink champagne, have brunch and take in the city. Take your loved ones or relax there after spending a few hours roaming through the galleries. The pink glitter bathroom is a must see!



I read about a placed called Nose in WWD a few months before heading on my vacation this summer and made sure to add it to my list! It’s a perfumery that makes personal scents for some of my favorite brands including Diptyque, Malin + Goetz, and Odin.

When you go visit you can ask to have a personal scent picked out for you. They give you wine or coffee to enjoy while you take a series of surveys to discover your perfect scent. I hung out there for a good hour and went through an incredibly fun “perfume tasting” experience. At the end, I picked a perfume caked Damascene, that, funny enough, was made in LA. I bought another one called “Jane has a Gun”, which  I ended up purchasing because of it’s light, everyday fresh scent.

If you get a chance to stop by there, it is a couple doors down from Christophe Robin’s salon, which is a gorgeous space as well. He makes  one of my favorite volumizing sprays and hair masks .sunniebrook_paris12


This photo of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg and was taken from my cozy bed at Hotel Amour. Every room in this hotel is different. It has a very sexy vibe, along with a delicious restaurant downstairs where even the locals like to  come and have a nice bottle of wine and meal.




At the gorgeous Sacre Coeur. I actually was not well this day but the friends I was traveling with took this photo because it was such a gorgeous day and I was having a bit of FOMO being stuck in bed . . . but the tea and croissants in bed made me feel pretty happy.


So much inspiring art at Pompidou . . .It’s rare that I have free time to just wander aimlessly around. But spending my time in museums is like food for my creative soul and gives me new ideas for silhouettes when creating hairstyles.


Pants- Sandro, Sandals- Pour La Victoire, Jacket -Urmoda, Top-Topshop





Views of the Eiffel Tower and from the top of Sacre Coeur.sunniebrook_paris22


What are some of your favorite places to go? Do you have any restaurants or shopping places you love to go in Paris?




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